Hair Transplant Surgery Bangkok – What Are Your Options?

Naturally, human beings start to lose hair as they age. However, for some people, hair loss comes while they are still in the early stages of their life. A receding hairline or premature baldness is an issue of concern for some people. Luckily, advancements in the field of medicine have made it possible to conduct hair transplants Bangkok. Therefore, you can easily restore your youthfulness by undergoing a Hair Transplant Thailand procedure.
Thailand is a globally acclaimed destination for cosmetic surgery procedures. A majority of these services are offered in the country’s capital, Bangkok.

Types of Hair Transplants offered in Bangkok
Surgical Hair Transplantation
This procedure involves the transfer of hair from a body part where it is available in abundance to another where it is depleted. After the injection of anesthetics, the doctor may either cut a skin with hair on it or transplant individual hair follicles. Depending on the extent of hair loss, this process takes up to a maximum of 8 hours.

UR Cell Hair Micro Transplant
This a modern technique that permanently restores hair using the patient’s stem cells. Amazingly, UR Cell Hair Micro Transplant Bangkok does not require a surgical incision. It involves the harvesting of hair roots using Advanced Stem Cell technology that was developed in Spain. Afterwards, healthy stem cells are isolated from the hair roots and injected into the parts that are suffering from hair loss. The result of this procedure is the restoration of natural hair growth in the area that was previously affected.

The Ideal subjects for UR Cell Hair Micro Transplant
There are two categories of patients that are best suited for this unique procedure. These are:
• Individuals whose hair loss is congenital
• Individuals affected by hormonal imbalance

Advantages of UR Cell Hair Micro Transplant
UR Cell Hair Micro Transplant has several advantages over surgical hair transplant Bangkok. They include:
• No Surgery – this technique does not require an incision of the skin.
• 100% Natural – the hair is generated by the patient’s stem cells.
• No side effects – the medicines used for surgery are not known to have adverse effects on patients, including erectile dysfunction,
• Safety- since no surgery is involved, this process is not risky.

Although there are quite a number of facilities for cosmetic surgery Thailand, if you are going to select one that provides efficient services and at an affordable price, Nida Esth Cosmetics Plastic Surgery Centre is worth a try.

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